Kanuka Silverio World (TV series: July 14, 1995-May 18, 2001; Theme park: July 21, 1995-present) is a T.V. show about the attractions, lands, rides, shops, and landmarks at the park of the same name.

Episode 1: Preparing for the OpeningEdit

  • Narrator: Live from Kanuka Silverio World, here are your host and co-hosts!
  • Host: Hi. Welcome to Kanuka Silverio World.
  • Co-host: Those people are preparing for the grand opening that will take place next week.
  • Scrooge: We are flying over the construction of Kanuka Silverio World.
  • Co-host: Look at that!
  • Scrooge: That is going to be Tomorrow Land.
  • [copter lands on small parking lot]

Episode 2: The Grand OpeningEdit

  • And Now

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